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Eating your veggies may be beneficial if you’re prone to hard partying.

South Korean scientists have discovered an unlikely weapon in the fight against hangovers:asparagus.

We’ve all heard about the power of natural foods boosting your health—for example, carrots can help you kick a smoking habit—but who knew chowing down on asparagus could be just as beneficial as swallowing a few Advil?

In research to be published in the Journal of Food Science, extracts taken from leaves and shoots of asparagus were found to boost levels of key enzymes that help break down alcohol, Mother Nature Network reports. And thankfully, you don’t need to keep vials of asparagus extract around to get the benefits—eating asparagus before or after drinking will do the trick.

Researchers at Cheju National University School of Medicine found that the amino acids contained in asparagus stimulate the two main enzymes responsible for breaking down alcohol. Bonus: These amino acids remain stable even after high-temperature cooking, so asparagus remains a powerful ally even after being steamed or boiled, Rodale reports.

Of course, there’s no magical cure for excess. Even a bushel of asparagus probably isn’t going to save you from a headache if you’re throwing back shots all night.