PAINESVILLE, Ohio – A northeast Ohio judge known for handing down interesting sentences has done it again, this time to a drunken driver.

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Mike Cicconetti is trying to get keep drunken drivers from becoming repeat offenders.

In court Tuesday, first time OVI offender Jonathan Tarase, 27, was handed down a sentence he will likely never forget.

Tarase was sentenced to 65 days in jail, with 60 of the days suspended, probation for six months, a $600 fine and no driving privileges for 15 days.

The twist?

Tarase will have to view the bodies of two car fatality victims at a hospital ER or the Lake County Coroner’s Office immediately following the accident.

Cicconetti wants Tarase to learn that drunken driving kills.

Judge Cicconetti has been a Painesville Municipal Court judge since 1994.

Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5