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Plan for Picking Up a Brotha on Valentine’s Day

1. Look good and have the confidence to match. “Wear your best red dress, put your red lipstick on, put your heels on, have two martinis on me, and kick it up. You’re like, “I don’t give a sh-t [about Valentine’s Day]! I’m with my girlfriends. We’re drinking; we’re having a great time!” And watch how the men start circling you. They never do it on any other night of the year-not even New Year’s.”

2. Avoid the date-night spots and head to the bar. “Don’t pick the romantic restaurant with the cute little bar. You pick the pick-up spot. Where’s the 5, 6, 7 pick-up spots in your neighborhood where you know all the hot guys go. That’s the place. Because you don’t want to see the girl getting proposed to or the girl getting flowers. You want to see people like you-miserable, angry, and want to get laid. Trust me, it’s the night”

3. But don’t just look for any single guy. “You’re not looking for the guys getting 10 numbers at the bar. You’re looking for that guy’s best friend who’s like “He pulled me out here; I didn’t know what to do.” He’s the guy watching the game on TV and drinking his Guinness. And then you guys talk and connect, and before long you’re going to have a husband.”

4. Have a conversation opener. “Go see Die Hard before the bar, and then you can have a conversation topic. So you’re all pumped up from the movie, and the guy says, ‘What did you see tonight?’ And you say, ‘Die Hard!’ and the gates open-you just said the magic word.”

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