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DirecTV folks – only you will have access to Thandie Newton’s new series “Rogue,” airing this spring.

The British actress plays Grace Travis, an undercover cop whose son is killed in a drive by shooting. In her gut, she believes his death is connected to her police work, but the department takes her off the case, giving her compassionate leave as a way to get her out of their hair. Detectives are unable to find the child’s killer and solve the crime, and she’s convinced they’re burying the case for political reasons.

In the pilot, premiering April 3rd on DirecTV’s Audience Network, there’s a break in the case and Newton tries to rejoin the investigation, only to be shut down again by the department, claiming she’s a liability.

The show’s title then comes into play, as Newton goes behind the department’s back to investigate her boy’s shooting. The evidence leads to a crime family, and she infiltrates by getting a little too cozy with its boss – who may or may not be responsible for the death of her son.

“It’s all about the progressive loss of her moral compass,” said the show’s creator Matthew Parkhill. “She doesn’t know what she’s seeking initially, whether it’s justice or vengeance, and what she ends up seeking ultimately defines her, but that’s one of the questions for her as a character throughout the ten hours, what is it she will do, what is it she wants.”

Below, Newton talks about the challenge of playing a character, who is essentially playing another character while undercover.

“Rogue” premieres Wednesday, April 3 on DirecTV’s Audience Network (channel 239). Watch the trailer below.

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