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Oh lawd…there are growing reports of penis-snatching (no pun intended)! Apparently it’s going down in an African village.

Journalist Louisa Lombard recounts her visit to the village of Tiringoulou in the Central African Republic, where two villagers said their genitals had been stolen. One, a tea vendor, was attacked by a stranger who only had to grab his hand. “The tea seller felt an electric tingling course through his body and immediately sensed that his penis had shrunk to a size smaller than that of a baby’s,” writes Lombard, a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley.

The second victim said he lost his genitals “in the fray” as yells erupted from the crowd. According to Lombard, rebels who govern the tiny hamlet said they later gunned down the alleged penis thief after he escaped from a holding cell.

It was explained that penis snatching is a means of supplying an illicit and lucrative trade in organs. Cameroonians and Nigerians—people from places “where they have multistory buildings”—were seen as particularly well versed in the business. “You see how advanced Cameroon is?” someone said. “It’s because they are so strong in commerce of all kinds, including in genitals and scalps.”

The stolen organs are sold to healers for use in ceremonies, or else they are quickly fenced back to victims of penis snatching for a price. But the real money was to be made in Europe. One man who had spent some time living in Cameroon said he heard of a woman there who was nabbed by airport security while trying to smuggle several penises to the Continent inside a baguette. #faint

Lombard explains that the belief in “penis-snatching”—a form of witchcraft—is a manifestation of anxieties caused as villages grow into cities. So it’s more commonly seen in larger population centers such as Nigeria, Lagos, or Cameroon. “If penis stealing seems beyond-the-pale weird,” writes Lombard, “consider what people in Tiringoulou might think upon hearing of Americans who starve themselves near to death because their reflection in the mirror convinces them they are fat.”

What do you think about this crazy mess?

I know yall aint gonna believe me so I put the link to the story below lol…


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