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CLEVELAND – A Cleveland police officer was called “racist” for insisting a woman get up from his desk with her buttocks exposed while working his second job at a soup kitchen, according to a police report.


While dressed in full uniform, the officer said 20-year-old Jamie Westbrook sat on his desk, her undergarment down and buttocks exposed.

“Would you mind getting off my desk?” the officer asked Westbrook. That’s when he said the woman “slid off” but not before unleashing a tirade of expletives and racial slurs.


“[Expletive] racist white [expletive],” Westbrook is said to have yelled.

The officer said he advised Westbrook to “watch her mouth” but that didn’t slow down the tongue lashing. The officer just trying to earn a little extra money at the side job remembered Westbrook from a few weeks back. He claims he had to ask her to leave the Bishop Cosgrove Catholic Charities on Superior Avenue on another occasion for allegedly “threatening to fight another client.”


In that instance, the officer said he asked her to leave only to get the middle finger and a nasty curse-word filled statement. The woman then resumed her place in the soup line.

The officer advised her she would be under arrest if she didn’t leave after showing her buttocks. He said he got up from his desk and Westbrook headed towards the door, but not before screaming how the charity and the officer are a bunch of “racist [expletives].”


The report also stated when the officer told her she was under arrest, she got into a fighting stance with her “fists balled.” The man in blue tried to restrain her, but she kept “flailing her arms” and said “quit manhandling me [expletives].”


Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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