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Flavor Flav could be headed back to jail for not paying his child support! I guess that reality tv show money is running out…? Time for a new hustle!

The iconic entertainer owes his kids’ mother, Angie Parker of Albany, NY, $111,186, reports TMZ. He’s supposed to pay $837.72 per week in support for the three children that he has with Parker. The rapper faces 180 days in jail.

Further compounding his situation, Flavor Flav also missed a court date compelling an Albany County magistrate to put the rap artist in jail and revoke his passport.

Flavor Flav, 53, is due in Albany Family Court on June 19.

Flavor Flav, nee William Drayton, is known as the hype man of Public Enemy, but he’s also renown as a celebrity in reality television.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I smell a new tv show… “Flavor Flav Goes to Jail,” anyone…? No….? #okayden

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Flavor Flav’s Restaurant “House of Flavor” Opening in Vegas!

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