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Pat Robertson handed out more of his unique brand of advice recently when he told the wife of a cheating husband to get over the infidelity and start doing more on her end to ensure he doesn’t “want to wander.”

The televangelist told the woman, whose letter he read on Wednesday’s episode of “The 700 Club,” to do a better job of making her home “more enticing” so that her husband won’t cheat on her, The Daily Mail reports.

The woman, who called herself Ivy, said she was having trouble forgiving her husband. Robertson told her to “stop talking about the cheating” because men have “a tendency to wander a little bit.”

Robertson said it wasn’t her husband’s fault for cheating because modern society is filled with so many temptations like Internet pornography and magazines full of “salacious” pictures.

He told Ivy to remind herself why she married her husband and fall in love with him all over again. He said that as long as he provides her with a home, food and clothes and is nice to her and the children, she should forgive him.

Robertson added that unkempt and stubborn women are chief antagonists to happy marriages.

“You always have to keep that spark of love alive,” he said. “It isn’t something to just lie there [and think], ‘Well, I’m married to him, so he’s got to take me slatternly-looking.’ You have to fix yourself up, look pretty, look alert.”


Article Courtesy of and WEWS NewsChannel 5
Picture Courtesy of Getty Images, and WEWS NewsChannel 5