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The study was conducted by the money-saving site and included 2,000 people. Researchers found that 20 percent of women consider their significant other a full-fledged diva— these guys are in need of constant reassurance and affection, hog the bathroom to primp, and have champagne tastes. Their poor female partners report spending almost $169 on gifts, extravagant dates, and luxe holidays for their men. More than a third rack up over $2,000 in debt trying to keep their partners happy, and 30 percent worry that they’ll crack under the pressure. Unsurprisingly, 80 percent of these couples argue over such issues with more than half splitting up because of them. So what are the signs that a man is high maintenance?

*Throwing a fit when things don’t go his way. 

*Wanting his partner to pick up his phone calls within a certain number of rings and demanding an immediate reply to his text message or email. 

*Needing to be told “I love you” several times a day. 

*Showing up to places fashionably late.

*Monopolizing the bathroom.

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