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Hilary Grotewold (pictured) was putting air in to the tires of her late-model SUV at an Atlanta, Ga., gas station on Thursday morning, when a man reportedly approached her vehicle, got in, and sped away with her 4-year-old son in the backseat, reports WSBTV.

Grotewold was en route to take her son, Jarren Griffin (pictured), to preschool, when she noticed that one of her tires was low and needed air, so she stopped at a gas station to fill it. Once she got out of the vehicle, she left the vehicle running and had her purse on the seat of the SUV.

Little did the Grotewold know that she was being watched by a man who waited until Grotewold was bent over and occupied with filling her tire before he made a mad dash for the vehicle, slipped in to the driver’s seat, then tried to speed off.

Grotewold, however, managed to jump on the hood of her SUV and hung on for dear life while yelling to the thief that her son was still inside the vehicle.

The young Mom was thrown off the hood, but she frantically continued to chase the SUV down by foot.

The thief eventually pulled in to the parking lot of a CVS drug store, where he abandoned the vehicle and took off.  Construction workers in the area witnessed the suspect running down a boulevard.

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This case was the second one in less than 10 days that a vehicle with a child inside has been stolen in metro-Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Jarren, who was thankfully unharmed, told a WSBTV reporter, “A man jumped in my car and he went off over there and he take my mommy’s phone and my mommy’s purse,” said the boy as he held on to his daddy for dear life.

Police are still investigating the case.


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