The Jackson Brothers prove that in some cases the show must go on.

Katherine Jackson and the family are involved with AEG Live in a wrongful death lawsuit. The trial is taking place in downtown Los Angeles.

In the meantime, just a couple blocks away, Michael Jackson’s brothers are scheduled to perform at the Staples Center on June 30, reports according to showbiz 411. The show has an onslaught of performers, some with their own scandals including R. Kelly and the notorious Bobby Brown.

The Jacksons are set to do a show at the Staples Center, the same venue where their brother Michael was eulogized during a huge memorial service on July 7, 2009, close to four years from the date of his death.

AEG produced the highly broadcasted Michael Jackson memorial live from the Staples Center. Now Jackson’s brothers are actually working for the promoters while going against them in trial and awaiting a decision that they hope will result in a payout. According to a lawyer of the Jackson family, the brothers have no other choice. He said that AEG was the only promoter in the world. He has obviously never heard of Live Nation or the countless other concert promoters.

With the ongoing trial and bad blood between the Jackson’s and AEG, one would have to question the boys morality and family values. Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Jackie don’t seem to have too much of problem with it or at least not one big enough to stop them from performing and working for their current opponent in the court room.

Michael Jackson’s brothers obviously have no problem with carrying on with what some might call a tacky display and lack of loyalty. “Who’s bad?” Well it looks like they’ve answered that question for us. But they’re not worried about looking bad in the eyes of the public and what’s left of their fanbase. They’ve proven they’ll do whatever it takes to make money even if it means dancing on their brother’s grave so to speak.

Via EURweb