It was just about a month ago when the Cavs managed to win the NBA draft lottery and the number one overall pick.  But as the draft draws closer, Cavs fans don’t really know much more about what the Cavs are thinking of doing with that pick than they did that night in New York City.

Kentucky big man Nerlens Noel was at one point considered the sure fire number one pick, but some draft analysts insist the Cavaliers have cooled on him.

Cavs fan J. Graie is not sure if Noel is the man to take, but she wants them to take a big guy, “definitely a center, we need some power in the middle, Kyrie Irving is doing a good job on the outside, we have role players, so we need a big man in the middle,” she said.

If it’s not Noel, and the Cavs want a big man, they would most likely take Maryland Center Alex Len.

But Todd Edwards, a Cavs fan, thinks they should go with Noel, “I do think they should take Noel, they have Kyrie, they don’t necessarily need a bona fide superstar as long as Kyrie can stay healthy, he can be the guy and now he just needs his Robin,” he said.

And most fans are not upset that the Cavs have the number one pick in a draft where there does not appear to be a consensus top pick.

“It’s better than being in the other position and having the 32nd pick and have 31 guys go before you, so it’s great, we have our choice of whoever we want,” said fan Mike Bartelme.

And that’s true, but Cavs GM Chris Grant has to make the right choice, in a draft with no clear choice.


Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

Picture Courtesy of Sbnation via GIANT life on BPNEXT

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