*This Wednesday, on “The Soul Man,” when Boyce’s (Cedric “The Entertainer”) old friend Gina (Toni Trucks) comes to visit and requests that he officiate her wedding ceremony to partner Drew (Paula Jai Parker), Boyce agrees.

However, members of his congregation become split on the issue of same sex/gay marriage in the church and critical of Boyce’s supportive stand on the matter.

Guest Stars: Paula Jai Parker (“Let’s Stay Together”) and Toni Trucks (“Made in New Jersey”)

“This season on ‘The Soul Man,’ we’re having a lot of fun loosening things up and getting more edgy exploring hot-button controversial topics.  In our upcoming episode, ‘Bride and Prejudice,’ airing July 31, Reverend Boyce takes on the issue of Same Sex Marriage and finds himself going against the will of the church standing (pretty much alone) on the philosophy that ‘If Love Is Love, Then It Doesn’t Matter Where It Lands.’”

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“Some funny and insightful writing by our show writers and great performances by Paula Jai Parker and Toni Trucks make this an especially intriguing episode that we’re all looking forward to folks seeing.” – Cedric “The Entertainer”

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“Bride and Prejudice” airs Wednesday, July 31st!


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