Remember Pamela Smith who said Michael Jordan was the father of her teenage son?

Well, paternity test show she lied and now she has to deal with the consequences.

Smith filed a paternity suit against Jordan, claiming he was the father of her 17-year-old kid. She demanded a DNA test, full custody and child support.

As TMZ reports, Jordan called her bluff, so to speak, when he asked the court to take action on Smith for basically wasting his time and making him look like a cad.

On July 19th, Jordan got his wish when a judge hammered Pamela … and here’s why –  The judge says Pamela FAILED to mention that paternity was established way back in 2003 — and M.J.’s NOT the daddy.

The judge called Pamela’s bogus claim one big publicity stunt, pointing out she hired a publicist before even getting a lawyer and then dragged Michael through the mud.

The bottom line is that the judge ordered Pamela Smith to pay Michael Jordan’s legal bills –  $9,704.13.

Via Black America Web