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The kindred soul

She may not always have the answers, but you’re kindred souls, so she will understand. She can sense when something’s off in your world, and you know just when she needs you most. You’re sisters from another mother and you’ll want to continue to love and cherish her the way you do your own family.

The motivator

Her friendship challenges you to go places you’ve never been, do things you swore you couldn’t, and reach heights you never imagined you could soar to. She’s an inspiration, and she’s not afraid to push you when it counts. Put simply: Your relationship is priceless. Remember that.

The rock

When you’re at your weakest, she’s strong for you. Her words of wisdom and support echo in your heart and soul and lift you back to happy places. She’s made room in her heart for you, so make sure you thank her for being your rock, and always show her some love.

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