Don’t get yo hopes up for a GUY reunion of Teddy Riley and brothers Aaron & Damion Hall anytime soon.

Aaron went on the “Skip Murphy Show” and FINALLY started telling it all and where the HELL he’s been all of these years.

“This is what I want to tell the Guy fans, the original Guy fans from 1988. I own 100% of Guy.

So being that I started it and everybody thinks its Teddy, what person leaves a group that the fans are saying they want to hear to do Blackstreet number 19,” Aaron said to the co-hosts. “Why would you do that many Blackstreets when everybody wants to hear Guy?”

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Aaron and his brother have still been performing Guy concerts WITHOUT Teddy.

“My whole thing is this, I wrote em, I’m still singing them, I’m still on tour, I look the same and I ain’t putting any of group members in it but me and my brother,” he says. “If Teddy wants to leave and do Blackstreet, let him. If he wants to do songs about us, do it. I don’t care. The thing is that me and my brother love my fans.”

In the past Aaron hasn’t spoken publicly because he suffered from a speech impediment. But now he says he’s overcome his impediment and has vowed to speak more often and openly about the challenges with his former group member.

“Now you’re hearing it from the oldest one’s voice and the person who couldn’t talk before. You remember when I had a speech impediment? Now I don’t have a speech impediment and now everyone is nervous cause he’s gonna tell the truth,” he acknowledged.

Aaron said that he’s “going to speak the truth,” because “God didn’t allow me to talk to lie.” He said despite their being a demand for Guy from concert bookers and fans, Teddy wants to do his own thing.

“The fans can not be confused. I don’t want the fans to think I did ‘Teddy’s Jam 1, 2 & 3′ for me. I did that to boost him up. He didn’t do no ‘Aaron 1, 2 & 3′ for me. And he left Blackstreet, Chauncey and everybody like 100 times. Now he got Blackstreet number two with Dave and whoever else. They could never be us,” he added.

Speaking of Chauncey , as in Chauncey “Black” Hannibal, besides Aaron Hall, Teddy Riley’s got to deal with him and Blackstreet, too.

Earlier this year we toldya Chauncey “Black” Hannibal, one of the founding members of Blackstreet, was suing Teddy for using the name Blackstreet to perform concert dates with new members. Chauncey claims that he is the rightful owner of the name, and that Teddy has been illegally using it. Teddy originally owned the name, however, when his trademark expired Chauncey secured it before anyone else could.

Teddy has not responded to either one of his former members with a formal statement, but did release a diss record called ‘Teddy’s Jam 4′ addressing both.

“Chauncey, I made you,” he rapped on the track, where he also claims Chauncey lived with him rent free and accused him of filing bankruptcy so that he didn’t have to pay him. He also makes fun of Chauncey’s ill-fated solo attempt.

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