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When alleged home invader Musa Lang (pictured below) entered Shawndrea Smith’s Dekalb County, Ga., home on Friday and reportedly tried to snatch her two young children away, it was on and popping!  Instead of fearing for her life, Smith reportedly gave the suspect a beatdown, forcing him to flee, according to WSB-TV.

Lang reportedly walked right in to Smith’s home through the front door in broad daylight while she and her children were <img alt=”Musa Lang georgia” src=”″ width=”225″ height=”300″ /&ampupstairs. Initially, Smith reportedly entered Smith’s bedroom, telling her that she took the two young boys in the home, ages 3 and 6, from him and he was there to claim them.

But here’s the thing, according to Smith, she doesn’t know Lang.

The Mom told police Lang then exited her bedroom and stormed in to the area where her boys were playing. Lang allegedly snatched the children by their arms, which reportedly caused Smith to snap.

Smith told WSB-TV, “That’s when I kind of just lost it a little bit.”  Smith reportedly grabbed the suspect — who at this point allegedly placed one of the boy’s backpacks over his head — hit, and then pushed him, wrestling the backpack from Lang. After Smith says she said a few “choice words” with him, she forcibly put him out of her house.

The 33-year-old suspect reportedly fled from Smith’s home, running down the street. when neighbor Jean-Claude Thomas heard the frantic Mom yelling, “My kids, my  kids.” Thomas knew something was wrong, so he reportedly hightailed it by foot after Lang, who ran in to a fast-food restaurant and actually sat at a table.

Shortly after, Thomas captured the suspect and held on to him until police arrived. Thomas explained his heroics to WSB-TV, “We’re neighbors, we have to do the right thing, we couldn’t just let him get away.”

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