*“The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson” debuted on Fox News Monday afternoon and one of the former Fox & Friends’ host’s first guests was an old friend: Donald Trump, reports Mediate.

Seated across from each other in plush chairs more reminiscent of her morning show than the Megyn Kelly-hosted afternoon program she’s replacing, Carlson asked the “premiere negotiator” to share his advice for how Republicans and President Obama might be able to come to a last minute agreement to avoid a government shutdown at midnight tonight.

Trump’s first piece of advice was that both sides need to “respect” each other.

“There’s a lack of respect right now, and we see it very strongly,” he said, “but you have to respect the other side. They don’t like each other. They don’t respect each other. They don’t think well of each other. They don’t get along together. They don’t go out together.”

He said it’s really up to President Obama, as the “leader” of the country to get both sides in a room together to hammer out a solution.

“Whether there’s a shutdown, who knows,” Trump added, saying, “that would be horrible if it was. But, there’s a very good chance, because Obamacare is a total disaster, and ultimately, Obamacare anyway will shut down this country.”

In the end, Trump did not think a shutdown would be as “catastrophic” as everyone is making it out to be. “I think actually the Republicans have a lot of cards,” he said, “but if they’re going to play those cards, they better play them now.” He predicted that Obama would take the brunt of historical blame for the shutdown if it happens. “I really think the pressure is on Obama to make a deal because he doesn’t want this in his resume,” he said.