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*Pint-sized funnyman and Philadelphia native Kevin Hart is spreading holiday cheer early this year, donating over 500 new computers to various schools and recreation centers throughout the area.

Over the course of his budding career, Hart–a product of the inner-city–has actively given ample time and resources to those in need of a helping hand.

Additionally, the “Think Like a Man” actor has established a string of charities and foundations dedicated to underprivileged youth and makes regular trips to his old neighborhood. Hart recently dropped by a handful of Philadelphia schools and shared encouraging words with the students. His first stop was the John F. Hartranft School in North Philadelphia, and then on to Allen M. Stearne Elementary School.

“I am here to show you guys that your dreams can become a reality,” he candidly expressed during one of his visits. “Take this, run with it. Dream boy! Dream big!” Hart told the students.

Mayor Michael Nutter says Hart’s contribution is one the city sorely needs.

“Clearly there are still many, many needs and challenges, and we don’t have all of the resources that are necessary for a high quality education,” said Mayor Nutter.

The students also chimed in.

“Your contribution makes it possible for students like myself to do proper research and to expand our knowledge of the expanding world,” said one student.

“He says we have to take care of the laptops or we are going to have a problem with him,” joked another student.

Hart, a pillar of his community back home, spoke with local media about plans to improve Philadelphia’s struggling school system.

“I found out about the situation with the schools and how bad it was with the school district of Philadelphia and some schools were in jeopardy of not even being able to open,” said Hart.

He continued, “I will be involved in building our public school system up and getting it back to a place where we can stick our chest out and say we are Philadelphia, and our school system is doing the right things.”




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