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CLEVELAND – In Frank Jackson fashion, the Cleveland mayor took the stage after winning a third term and with a self-deprecating smile told the room full of supporters, “Well, I guess it is what it is.”

Jackson jumped out to an early 2-to-1 lead over challenger Ken Lanci, a margin that held up through the night, even still ever cautious he waited until almost all votes were in before declaring victory.

“I’ll be happy to get back to governing,” Jackson said after his acceptance speech. “My preference is always to govern.”

Jackson becomes only the third Cleveland mayor to be elected to a third term, why he wanted the chance to continue, he said, was simple. “Because we’re not quite there yet. We’re well positioned but we still have some work to do and that work is about how do we institutionalize this pathway to success.”

Jackson said he wants to lay the framework where success is something that is not so much celebrated in future leaders but demanded.

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Something on the back burner while the mayoral campaign was being waged was whether Cleveland would make a push to host either the Republican or Democratic National Convention in 2016.

“You’re right it was on the back burner. We are in discussions with people in regards to that, whether we go for one or go for both of them,” Jackson said.  “We have to look at who is committed and whether or not they bring the resources necessary for us to be successful.”

It was early in Jackson’s first term that the city became a finalist for the 2008 Republican National Convention. The city will go to the plate with a lot more firepower in their presentation this time.

Jackson said “in terms of increased hotel space, new convention center, all the other kinds of things that people want to do when they go to a convention.”

At the end of Jackson’s third term, he will tie former Mayor Mike White for the title of longest serving Cleveland mayor but would he consider being the first to serve a fourth?

“Well I won’t take my official third term until January 1 and then I’ll be working and during that time I’ll make up my mind.”


Article, Picture and Video Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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