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Rachel Jeantel has been given a makeover by the hands of Ebony magazine and theGrio.

Rachel came into our lives as the last person who spoke to Trayvon Martin before his untimely death at the hands of overzealous neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman. I’m not going to lie, when I initially read the headline, I was bothered. Jeantel had a bittersweet catapult into fame and as a teenager, there’s so much more that she needs, rather than a makeover.


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While Tom Joyner offered Rachel a college scholarship and counseling to deal with the loss of Trayvon, these two major publications thought a makeover was what Rachel needed. According to theGrio, “Rachel will need fabulous, sensible ensembles for the expanded possibilities ahead.” I can’t help but feel that this is just so shallow. “Rachel’s glam team gave her the works — new hair extensions, a manicure, and stellar make-up. The beauty artists worked diligently while keeping her underlying style her own.” But what happens when the extensions need to come out, the make-up washes off and the manicure gets chipped and Rachel can’t keep up with her new glamorous look? Or when she’s ridiculed in school by the resident “mean girls” in college? She’s going to need more than a temporary new look.


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Rachel is brave and we’ve become endeared to the soft-spoken teen. And honestly, a makeover is nice, very nice, but was it needed? Rachel was very excited about her new look though. “I’m blessed. That’s the truth,” Rachel said of the makeover and her ongoing evolution. “Everybody wants to be in my shoes right now. But for me, I’m taking this opportunity, and I’m hitting it hard.” Rachel received all types of negative backlash after testifying in the George Zimmerman trial. She’s been criticized for her weight, her looks, her demeanor, her attitude and more.

I know that a woman’s self-esteem is a direct reflection is how she feels about herself, and when we look good, we feel even better. So a makeover isn’t what I am mad at, in fact, more power to them for making Rachel feel beautiful. But of all the things Rachel could use, a makeover is the least of her worries.

These glamorous shots of Rachel appear in the December/January Power 100 issue of Ebony magazine and it’s actually a beautiful display of Rachel’s unconventional beauty and maturity towards being a young woman. Ebony has always thought Rachel was “gorgeous,” but they thought giving her a makeover was needed. What about therapy? What about speech classes? What about a mentor for her upcoming entrance into college?

Check out Rachel’s makeover on theGrio here.



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