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Anything Your Partner Doesn’t Know

Do you have major underlying resentments toward your partner because he’s been unemployed for months? Does the fact that he choked you in bed without asking permission really shake you to your core? If only your friends know about these huge, welling emotions inside you, it won’t do your relationship any good. It’s basic stuff: Your friend shouldn’t know things about your relationship that the person in your relationship doesn’t know about. Before you pick apart the same aspect of your relationship perennially with a friend, ask yourself if your partner has been given the full opportunity to change. If you find yourself always discussing conflicts that your partner doesn’t even know you have with him or your life together, then you probably just want to gossip with your friends.

The Ins and Outs of Your Sex Life

I get it: some friends are exhibitionist storytellers who live for the overshare. But the sexual intimacy you create within your relationship is only stronger if it’s not shared with everyone you know and her half-brother. Sex is almost better when the gory (sweaty?) details are left between you and yours.

How Much Money Your Partner Makes

You don’t want your friends weighing in on your relationship or judging your SO based on whether he shops thrift or at Bloomingdale’s. Also, it’s absolutely none of their business and inappropriate for you to volunteer the information.

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