He loved his wife dearly, describing her as both beautiful and feminine. But little did he know, he was married to someone who used to be a man.

A man who only goes by the first name Jan, described his horror upon finding out that his wife was actually born a boy. The Belgian man was married to his wife for 19 years, engaging in all kinds of unmentionables with her, and is now feeling disgusted.

A cousin from his wife’s family in Indonesia told Jan the horrible truth that would change his life forever. We can only imagine that his wife felt worse, since transgender people are often confronted with terrible reactions from potential mates.

“My second marriage was on the rocks at the time and we quickly fell in love,” Jan said. He also says that the gender change explains why his wife was “never very good at ironing.”

“I thought she was an attractive woman, and she was all woman – she had no male traits. She was 27 years old at the time, so I asked her if she wanted children. I was glad when she said she didn’t as I was 44 and already had two of my own,” he said.

He said that now he understands why his wife always needed to lubricate herself in the bedroom and she always said that she was taking birth control pills.

“She was always a good mother to my children, and also a fantastic cook, though he wasn’t that great at cleaning and ironing – and now I know why!”

The marriage fell apart when Jan’s wife began to go out late and wear revealing outfits. This is when he stumbled upon the secret that would hurt him so deeply.

This story surfaced about a year ago when Jan was trying to get the marriage annulled. He is now undergoing psychiatric help.

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