President Barack Obama and several world leaders gathered today (December 10) to honor the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, who passed away last Thursday at the age of 95.

In a moving address delivered inside a large soccer stadium, President Obama celebrated the life of Mandela with graceful eloquence. Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium was filled with thousands despite heavy downpours

From the eulogy: Over 30 years ago, while still a student, I learned of Nelson Mandela and the struggles taking place in this beautiful land, and it stirred something in me. It woke me up to my responsibilities to others and to myself, and it set me on an improbable journey that finds me here today. And while I will always fall short of Madiba’s example, he makes me want to be a better man. He speaks to what’s best inside us.

Watch President Obama’s eulogy at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. [Washington Post]

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