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*Hmm, now this sounds like it might have some educational and entertainment potential.

TLC has a new show debuting tomorrow, Saturday, Called “Sex Sent Me to the ER.”

Ooh, so now we have your attention. From what we can see, the show will feature real-life stories of people who’ve been sent to the hospital as a result of injuries sustained during or immediately following sexual intercourse.

One of the featured stories the net is promoting is one about a 440-lb. virgin who sent his first lover to the emergency room after thrusting her head through a sheetrock wall.

Here’s a preview:


Meanwhile, the New York Post listed five other examples the show will cover:

1. Rock singer and guitarist Cash O’Riley and his girlfriend Anne shared a night of passion. During his orgasm, Cash collapsed onto Anne, losing feeling in his left arm and leg. Turns out, Cash had a stroke mid-shag.

2. Dr. Kevin Klauer once treated a man who broke his penis during a threesome with his wife and mistress. When the two women began brawling at the hospital over who did the damage, Dr. Klauer got a bonus patient to treat.

3. Liz and Eric had a quickie before work one morning. But when Eric got up to leave, Liz was still having an orgasm. Pleasure turned to pain when it continued for two hours.

4. When Tsion and Brashaad snuck away for a jaunt in the janitor’s closet, the tight space resulted in injuries.

5. Dr. Jordan Moskoff treated a man for broken bones after he claimed he fell washing his windows. But the man was naked when he fell. When his wife showed up, she accused him of cheating.

Of course a show like this is gonna bring out the detractors, like Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez. He expressed his outrage that a TV show would dare “glamorize” sex injuries:

“Shows like this are stupid, reprehensible and just plain disgusting. How can our society support such a stupid and violent depiction of sex? These days, it’s common to hear of people engaging in sexual acts that place their partner in danger. I’ve seen these injuries in the ER, and they are no joke.”

Well yes they are to all of us who haven’t been injured doing the nasty.


Article Courtesy of EUR Web

Picture and Video Courtesy of Discovery Networks and EUR Web

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