*The backlash from Robin Thicke’s hit single “Blurred Lines” has inspired a new play due to open this month in London.

Carrie Cracknell’s production, described as a “blistering journey through contemporary gender politics,” is named after the track and the director says her aim was to tackle issues raised by the controversial song and its provocative video.

Cracknell tells Britain’s The Guardian, “There is an absolute line about sexual consent that cannot be blurred. The rage I feel in relation to that song is about the idea of strong men, fully dressed, animalizing and brutalizing a group of scantily clad women.



“Of course sex is part of our life, but rape is not sex, and non-consensual sex for young women is a massive problem. A whole generation are growing up with their first sexual experiences being pornography, which is hateful and misogynistic, and this song is the tip of that iceberg.”

Critics claim the lyrics in Thicke’s track encourage non-consensual sex, while critics suggest the video, which features naked female models dancing around fully-dressed men, is offensive to women.




Article and Pictures Courtesy of EUR Web

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