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*Tamron Hall made headlines last week after a television critic at Investigation Discovery’s TCA panel for “Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall” coldly and inexplicably dismissed her story about her sister’s unsolved murder because it wasn’t the answer to his question.

“That’s all very nice. But can you explain the relationship between your job at NBC and your job at Discovery?” he said to the 43-year-old MSNBC anchor.

As previously reported, she checked him with, “Well, let me be clear. To say that

it’s just all very nice, when I don’t know if you’ve had a sister found murdered, but I have. So it is not meant to be nice, it is simply me sharing my own…”

“I am simply trying to get an answer to a simple question,” the critic interrupted. “What is your work relationship with NBC and your work relationship with Discovery? How do you apportion your time, and how did that come to pass?”

As an MSNBC anchor, Hall has had experience dealing with a callous guest or two, and likely dipped into that reserve to keep her cool and answer this critic’s question with class.

“As you know I’m on the ‘Today’ show, and then I have a show ‘News Nation with Tamron Hall’ at 2 p.m. eastern, if you want to watch,” she said. “And usually on Fridays I leave straightaway. I catch a flight and I meet my team where I am on the ground for the entire weekend. Right now I’m planning, because of the research we’ve done, to be on the ground for an entire month covering stories that we’re working on for this new season that will be compelling stories. And it is important for me to be on the ground, to look someone in the eye, and to talk with them about their story. And that’s what will make this season different, and what I believe sets “Deadline Crime” apart.



This schedule, however, will likely change drastically with news of Hall in talks to join the third hour of “Today” as a co-anchor alongside the current lineup of Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Willie Geist. The show’s third hour at 9 a.m. is mostly devoted to the discussion of hot topics among the hosts.

Hall, who has worked for NBC News since 2007, currently fills in as a news reader on “Today” and appears in its “Orange Room,” the morning program’s segment devoted to trends in social media. She was also part of the “Today” team’s red carpet coverage before the Golden Globe Awards. Ratings for the coverage grew by 12 percent over last year according to preliminary Nielsen numbers.

So far, NBC News has declined to comment on the reports. If a deal is made, it should not affect Hall’s shooting schedule for “Deadline: Crime,” nor her devotion to it.  Hall’s older sister Renate was murdered in a case that is still unsolved. The series allows Tamron and her team of correspondents to speak with detectives, prosecutors, as well as perpetrators and victims, to reveal what triggered people to turn to crime, and ultimately, whether justice was really served.

Below, Hall goes into more detail about her sister’s murder, how she feels like she personally failed her sister, and sharing her story with Investigation Discovery president Henry Schleiff,  and NBC News’ Peacock Productions president Sharon Scott.


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