Tamron Hall

Most have gotten used to hearing Dr. Ian Smith educating use about how to live our best life in a healthy manor, he was recently on the Sam Sylk Show talking about getting rid of  the COVID15 and his new book Fast Burn.  Dr. Ian Smith is not the interview that you would see in […]

Football fans especially Cleveland Browns fans remember Kordell Stewart as the multifaceted as well as elusive Pittsburgh Steeler player that played both Quarterback and receiver.  Reality television fans remember Kordell Stewart, as the control freak, Porsha Williams husband on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 5, that dude that wouldn’t even let Porsha Williams Stewart […]

Source: Johnny Louis/WENN.com / WENNAndrew Gillum, the former candidate for Florida governor, was climbing the political mountain when a night in Miami hotel went bad. After losing a campaign race, in March Andrew Gillum was appeared to be in the words of the Whispers ‘lost and turned out’ when he got caught up with a […]

It’s amazing how we all have done things when were younger that we are not proud of, but when folks try to hold celebrities to a pure standard and forget they were people just like you and I is just flat out wrong. Tamron Hall in an effort to be transparent on her new show […]

Congratulations are in order!!  Our girl and the late artist known as Prince, bestie,  Tamron Hall, formerly of NBC’s The Today Show, announced not long ago that she had gotten married and she was expecting her first bundle of joy.   She made the video announcement while jammin to “Baby Shark”. Well thanks to her Instagram […]

We were all heart broken when Tamron Hall left NBC’s Today show. Then we got the news that Tamron Hall hooked up with Harvey Weinstein for a new show only to have his alleged hook up’s put a damper on that. Then it was announced that the Emmy nominated news anchor was signed by ABC […]

“I’m the girl next door and you’re my neighbor. We are all community.” UPDATED: 3:22 p.m. EDT — Details of Tamron Hall’s upcoming new talk show have been revealed, according to a new report. While the name of the show wasn’t immediately announced, it will air on ABC Owned Television Stations Group, AdWeek confirmed Monday afternoon. It was tentatively […]

The former “TODAY Show” host called the reports ‘horrifying.’   Former TODAY show host Tamron Hall may be examining her business relationship with Hollywood exec Harvey Weinstein after a recent sexual assault scandal involving the hollywood exec, broke news. Hall became close with Weinstein earlier this year after leaving her post at the NBC and MSNBC because the two […]

Let the comeback begin. Tamron Hall is teaming with Weinstein Television to launch her own daytime talk show, and its timeslot may put her in direct competition with the woman who bumped her from the 9 a.m. hour at NBC. Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News anchor whose high profile addition to NBC prompted Hall’s exit […]

Tamron Hall fans have been feenin for her ever since she left the Today Show back in February. Well this week Tamron decided to talk to her fans, to take the edge off a little. Did you hear her? Tamron Hall has been sitting in on the D.L. Hughley show this week and it appears […]

By now the whole world knows the news of the exodus of Tamron Hall from NBC. Her fans, young and old, flooded social media wanting to know how she was doing, and that’s when the reason so many people love the always classy, Tamron Hall, answered them back. Since you couldn’t see her on TV, […]

It’s official. Tamron Hall is leaving NBC News and MSNBC when her contract expires at the end of the month. According to TV Newser, Hall anchored her shows as usual yesterday, but gave no indication that those were her last appearances. “The last ten years have been beyond anything I could have imagined, and I’m […]