Houston Oilers v Pittsburgh Steelers

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Football fans especially Cleveland Browns fans remember Kordell Stewart as the multifaceted as well as elusive Pittsburgh Steeler player that played both Quarterback and receiver.  Reality television fans remember Kordell Stewart, as the control freak, Porsha Williams husband on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 5, that dude that wouldn’t even let Porsha Williams Stewart have a baby.  The one thing that both football and reality television fans remember about Kordell Stewart collectively is the rumor that the NFL star was gay.  A rumor that still hasn’t gone away.

However the 48 year old Kordell Stewart hasn’t played football since 2005 and his reality television stint was 8 seasons, a divorce and a baby ago, plus Porsha Williams has come a far way from believing that the underground railroad was a real train that ran under the groud…so why are we still talking about Kordell Stewart and whether or not he is gay or not?  Because let’s be for real, in the 2021, nobody really cares whether someone is gay or not.

The answer is because Kordell Stewart sat down for an interview with Tamron Hall to address the rumor of him being gay, that a Pittsburgh police officer started the rumor but the Steelers organization is protecting the officers identity and that RHOA show kicked up the insinuation all over again when Kordell and Porsha’s marriage became over.  Kordell also talked about how Porsha Williams was his true love…at the time.

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