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HUDSON, Ohio – From a jail cell on the other side of the world, the Rev. Tom Randall sent a text to the Rev. Joe Coffey, the lead pastor at Christ Community Chapel in Hudson.

It reads, “Sleep will not come, so I sing and pray for as many as I care and love.”

On behalf of an anxious congregation, Coffey responded, “Freedom is coming, just coming slowly. Sleep my friend.”

Randall has been jailed in the Philippines for a week and church members believe the charges against the popular pastor will be dropped which would set him free.

A hearing on his case was supposed to take place on Wednesday, but that didn’t happen.

On the “Free Tom Randall” Facebook page — which has more than 24,000 likes — Randall’s wife, Karen, wrote, “Today is Wednesday and we were hoping to hear something on Tom’s case today, but there is no news as of tonight.”


Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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