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*2013 was a controversial year for DJ Mister Cee.

He faced much backlash for soliciting oral sex from trans prostitutes.

Although allegations have been made for years, last year Mister Cee was exposed by a male encounter (who was dressed as a woman during the act) after posting a video on YouTube about how Mister Cee was on the down low.

He’s came forth and discussed his actions, but now he’s opening up to GQ Magazine.

Below are a few parts from the interview:

How did he start paying for sex?

“And I started tricking in the strip clubs. I don’t know if you know what tricking is—you’re taking [the girls] out the club”—literally right outside the club—“and you’re having sex with them.” He’d do it in places where he wasn’t liable to be recognized, usually spots around downtown Manhattan “where white guys was going,” he says.

How did he start soliciting sex from trans women?

“The best way I can explain it is that I was so knee-deep into doing it that it became a part of me. It’s also the rush of: Get horny, A and B—you know, one plus one equals two. You get horny, go out, go get your shit o≠. It became a part of my routine. Even though I was fearful, there was a part of me that felt invincible, too,” he says.

How is he moving forward?

“At this point in my life, I can’t even begin to try to be in a serious relationship with a woman. That’s the point that I’m at now: What do I want? Where am I at? Now that it’s out in the open—everybody knows, I know—where am I going from here?” he says.

Is he gay?

“Absolutely not. And it’s nothing—it’s no offense to transgender women, but I only get with transgender women for one thing and one thing only, and that’s for oral sex. Like I said: I never had sex with a man. I never had sex with a transgender woman.”

For more of the GQ interview, click here.



Article and Picture Courtesy of EUR Web

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