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*No, it wasn’t a weird promo for the upcoming “Annie” film. It was a weird promo for Maserati, with “Annie” star Quvenzhane Wallis front and center.

Although she’s too young to drive, the Oscar-nominated 10-year-old starred in a Super Bowl spot for the automatker’s Ghibli model that debuted during the first quarter of the game.

The ad carried the tagline “We Have Prepared. Now We Strike” and featured dark shrouded images as Wallis’ voiceover talked of kids growing up to come out of the shadows to “strike.” The spot was filmed on location in Los Angeles and directed by filmmaker David Gordon Green.

Maserati says the Ghibli is its first midsize four-door luxury sports sedan vehicle and is available with all-wheel-drive and starting at $66,900.

Watch below.


Meanwhile, turns out Kia knows the sound of luxury, and it is Laurence Fishburne…but as his character Morpheus from “The Matrix” trilogy.

In Kia’s Super Bowl spot “The Truth,” a couple hits up valet to retrieve their car when Morpheus pops up out of nowhere, telling them, “The world of luxury has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” He reveals two car keys – the blue key, to their own car; and the red key, which will show them “what luxury looks like.”

When the couple chooses the red key, Morpheus appears in the backseat of their new car, ready to also reveal what luxury sounds like. He opens his mouth and “Nessun Dorma” comes out in a lip-synced operatic display that shatters everything outside of the car – Kia’s new K900.

Watch below.



Article, Picture and First Video Courtesy of EUR Web

Second Video Courtesy of YouTube and EUR Web

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