*Comparisons to her uncle Tiger may be inevitable, but Cheyenne Woods is coming out from under her famous relative’s shadow with a win at the Australian Ladies Masters.

Cheyenne Woods’ win in Australia, which earned a congratulations from Tiger Woods on Twitter on Sunday, comes two years after turning professional in 2012 after an All-America career at Wake Forest. Her only pro victory prior to her winning the Ladies Masters was in a SunCoast minitour event in 2012.

Despite the weight of being Tiger Woods’ niece, Cheyenne has been able to live with the high expectations that come along with her family connection.

“I’ve been pro for two years, and for the majority of it, people just think of me as Tiger Woods’ niece, so now I have a game of my own and I have a title now, a win, which is exciting. It’s nice now to say to people that I can play and I’m not just a name,” she told the site. “Growing up with the last name of Woods, there’s a lot of expectations and pressure and spotlight on you but I always knew that I was able to win. I always knew I’d be able to compete with these ladies so now it’s kind of a weight off my shoulders because now everybody knows, not just me.”


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