It may seem a bit strange for a son to describe the night his father died as beautiful but Cody Coots doesn’t expect many people to understand.

His father, Pastor Jamie Coots, died after a snake bite during a Saturday night church service.

“And everybody was getting in, shouting, taking up serpents, speaking in tongues and handling fire. I mean, you could just feel the power of God,” says Coots.

The activities of the evening were brought to a screeching halt after the deadly bite.

“I was there when it happened. I was standing there, and I’d seen him get bit,” says Coots.

Coots says his father later passed out – and never regained consciousness.

Pastor Coots’ family took him home, where he soon died.

“If he had lived and woke up in a hospital bed, he would have blamed every one of us. He was a firm believer. He would not go to a hospital. He always told us, you get bit, you either die at home, or God brings you through,” says Coots.



Article and Picture Courtesy of WVLT-TV Knoxville, TN and WOIO 19 Action News

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