Entertainer Wayne Brady most likely speaks for a lot of black men as he sits in the offices of the Huffington Post and talks about his frustration following the verdict from the Michael Dunn Trial.

Michael Dunn fired nine bullets into a car full of black teenagers in a Florida parking lot in November 2012, killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis. And while he was convicted Saturday on three counts of second-degree attempted murder and one count of firing into a vehicle, he escaped the most serious charge of first-degree murder.

“I’m not going to stay away from Florida, so I’m not going to blame the state of Florida,” said Brady.”But to a degree, I don’t know what’s going on in the head of some of the people in Florida. The people in the decision making process.”

Brady continues, ”Some of the people in the jury, maybe. It’s issues like that that [make] me sad as a man, fearful to a degree as a black man, that there are people who will use the, ‘Oh no, I was defending myself,’ the Stand Your Ground laws.”

“I was thinking about this myself, because I thought what if I’m in a position where I feel like I’m being threatened?” Brady went on. “I have my daughter, and I’m out with her a lot … I’m out with her mom sometimes, I’m out with my friends. I may want to defend myself, and what do you do when you’re in that position?

“You don’t know what you will do. So I can’t judge the guy, because I wasn’t there. But I will say with some of the forensic evidence that was presented, it’s a shame on all accounts, and it makes me sad that we lost another brother to this needless violence.”

Read more of the dialogue at Huff Post Black Voices.

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