*The last time Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon were together on his “Late Night” series, they entertained us with the “Evolution of Mom Dancing.” Last night, on her first visit to the “Tonight Show” under Fallon, she appeared with the host and fellow guest Will Farrell in one of Fallon’s most popular “Late Night” sketches, “Ew!”

The premise: Fallon is a pre-teen girl named Sara whose every other word is “ew” – as in “Ew, that’s gross.” She hosts a talk show in her basement where guests discuss things that may or may not warrant an “ew” reaction.  Her guests last night were her friend Stacy (Farrell) and Michelle Obama. (Watch above.)

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 0004 — Pictured: (l-r) First Lady Michelle Obama during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on February 20, 2014

For her sit-down interview, the First Lady chatted about family life in the White House and promoted her Let’s Move initiative. She also put in a plug for her husband’s health care law. (Click through to watch.)

On the challenge of raising two young daughters, ages 12 and 15, in the rarified world of the White House, she laughed, “They want nothing to do with us.”

“They really want normalcy and the White House isn’t normal,” said FLOTUS. “I’ll say ‘Don’t you want to invite your friends over to watch a movie?’ They say ‘No one wants to come here.’”

She then cautioned that her older daughter turns 16 this summer and is ready to learn to drive.

“Ladies and gentlemen in D.C. —watch out,” she warned with a laugh. “Malia Obama on the road. Frightening.”

Regarding her Let’s Move exercise and diet initiative, she said, “What we’re asking people to do is show us how you’re moving. We want people to Facebook it, Tweet it, Instagram it.” She wants to see “how people around the country are moving.”

The hashtag is #LetsMove.

If there’s enough response, “we’ll have a little surprise. The president, and maybe the vice president, will show us how they move,” Mrs. Obama said.

Pitching the Affordable Care Act, she encouraged young people to sign up for health insurance before the end of March deadline.

Young adults, she said, can now be covered for as little as $50 a month, “less than the cost of gym shoes.”

Watch the interview below.



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