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Broadview Heights resident Arthur Chu returned to Jeopardy! Thursday after a break and added a cool $58,200 to his six-digit winnings from the show.

The “Jeopardy! villain” gained Internet fame — and ire — for “gaming” the game: he plays the board in an unconventional — but not illegal — order that allows him to answer the questions worth the most money first. Most contestants save those for last.

Mental Floss: Our Interview with Jeopardy! Champion Arthur Chu

So far, Chu has racked up nearly $240,000 on the show, and he’s not done yet. Already among the top 10 highest-earning Jeopardy winners, Chu will continue on the show until he loses.



Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

Picture Courtesy of Jeopardy! and WEWS NewsChannel 5

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