*Anyone expecting to see Vivica A. Fox on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” will have a long wait.

The actress was named by Jimmy Kimmel as the one guest he would never want back on his show during an interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Sunday.

The ban stems from Fox’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in September 2005; a moment in which the late night talk show host thought Fox was on drugs.


Fox was on Kimmel’s show to promote her Lifetime crime drama “Missing.” According to reports, the interview was a disaster from start to finish as Kimmel kicked it off by making fun of Star Jones, a friend of Fox’s, as he introduced the entertainer. Although the comedian highlighted Fox’s accomplishments, he continued going at Jones when he concluded with, “…and most harrowing of all, Star Jones’ bridesmaid.”

From that moment on, Fox’s interaction with Kimmel became tense and icy as the “Set It Off” star claimed that she didn’t find the host’s jokes about Jones funny.

“It goes both ways,” chided Kimmel, who tried to make things right. “I’m desperate to make this work. You know what? The four of us should get together — me, you, Star and [Star’s then-husband] Al [Reynolds].”

Fox’s response: “You would get your a** kicked.”

At that point, Fox walked off the set, leaving Kimmel to spend the next segment focused on her empty chair.

Kimmel’s claims of Fox being on drugs during the interview conflicts with the actress’ longtime anti-drug stance. Fox addressed Lamar Odom’s problem with drugs when she spoke to in October.

“I hate to see this happen to him,” she said. “His wife really loves him. But drugs will mess you up.”



Article and Picture Courtesy of EUR Web

Video Courtesy of Yahoo!, Bravo and EUR Web

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