Kalamazoo County sheriff believes that Sapp is an innocent person and does not consider him a suspect in the case.


MARSHALL, Mich. (WZZM) — A private investigator looking into the disappearance of two West Michigan women is hoping for new tips in both cases. The first is Mary Denise Lands, who disappeared in March of 2004. There is a person of interest in the case, but her body still hasn’t been found. The other is Teleka Patrick, a young doctor who went missing from Kalamazoo in December.

In a vigil held every year for Lands who’s been missing for 10 years, private investigator Jim Carlin also asks for answers in another case. 30 year old Teleka Patrick vanished December 5, 2013. “She was upset, she left town, she was scared,” Carlin said.

Patrick, a psychiatric intern at Borgess Medical Center, was last seen at a hotel in Downtown Kalamazoo. She didn’t have enough cash to to get a room so she took a shuttle back to her car, parked at work. From there, she drove 110 miles to Portage, Indiana.

Unlike the Mary Lands case, there is no known person of interest, but Carlin says that there are people involved in the Patrick case that should be looked at more closely. He says Marvin Sapp and his church haven’t been open enough about what they know about Patrick.



Article and Picture Courtesy of WZZM-TV Grand Rapids, MI

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