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Last night’s episode shone a light on what it means to be a husband and how it is important for each person in the marriage to understand what the expectations are for their spouse. For whatever reason Apollo is hell bent on aiding to the division between his wife and his “homegirl” Kenya; either that or the man is a masochist. While we hope one day that Kenya will let go of the spoon she uses to stir the pot on a regular basis, this trip ended just as I expected: on a bad note.

We were left last week with a showdown impending as Phaedra walked in on Apollo having a conversation with Kenya and this episode picked up right where we left off. As Kandi and her bestie rolled into the lounge Todd and Peter immediately girded their loins for what was going to pop off between the Parks-Nidas and Ms. Moore. Thankfully things remained relatively cool as the talk ended quickly and Apollo and Kenya decided to let bygones be bygones.

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Where it went awry was when Apollo failed to console or comfort his wife’s anxieties about the situation she stumbled upon. This is where my issues with Apollo boil over. In a marriage it is expected that respect is given, as a couple you are walking through this life hand in hand and willing to do what needs to be done for that to continue. Yet in still Apollo finds that his wife’s request that he doesn’t engage in a personal friendship with Kenya is not something that should be honored. There is an issue here. Not just with Kenya but more importantly with how little regard this man has for his wife and mother of his kids and honestly, they may need to take a break from the camera and get back to the basics.

Kenya continues to insert herself into Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage though she claims she isn’t, and her date Miss Lawrence eludes to the chemistry between she and Apollo to be like that of a relationship built on infidelity. Comparing their compatibility to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was just another way to encourage a circumstance that truly needs to die. What I find most interesting about Kenya’s incessant desire to reconcile with Apollo is for someone who touts loudly and proudly to not care or want to be involved with anything Phaedra and her husband have going on, she finds a way to into their lives on a regular. By planning this getaway Kenya was aiming to bond with the ladies and heal some wounds when in reality she just gave more evidence to the idea that she is low and it is a dirty shame.

Concluding the trip with a redo of Nene’s infamous “pillow talk” Kenya had the couples and singles sit around to answer questions she said were not personally directed toward anyone or a specific situation. You can be certain no one was excited about the event and their responses to the questions showed. Leading off the night by asking a general questions to the group about sex and what annoyed them about other couples gave us another unwanted moment at being exposed to Porsha’s lack of intelligence. I feel bad for the former Mrs. Stewart, while I know she has a good heart and an even greater body, her smarts continuously fail her.

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And as per usual the piranhas took the opportunity to jump on her and tear her to bits. Greg, Nene, Peter, and Kenya were mostly offended by Porsha’s description of sex with older men as boring. Nene took the floor in an attempt to school Porsha on middle aged lovin’ (and Kandi on menopause) and we were all so grateful. I will be happy when Nene for once in her life can stop being so quick to share her words of wisdom because they are typically laced with venom, come from a hurt place and it shows.

The trip went from shaky to falling over a cliff ending with Greg bringing up a three week old confrontation that happened between his wife and Peter at Kenya’s masquerade ball. Greg was sorely miffed at Peter addressing Nene about her behavior at the event and he waited until the two were out of the country and on foreign soil to mention it? Now Mr. Leakes being my favorite house husband, I expected more from him.

When he jumped in Peter’s face and then little Todd tried to break up the “fight?” I just wanted everyone to excuse themselves to their room and prepare for the next day’s departure. Knowing full well that they weren’t going to come to blows, because the two old geezers would have thrown their backs out, what occurred when the girls showed up to the scene was unnecessary. It has been said that Peter moseys his way into the disagreements and problems among the ladies and Nene had had enough. Calling him a bitch I think she may have just thrown a wrench in the best friendship she’s got on the show. Their exchange only further confirms that when it comes to couples and friendships; it is best to be the husband and not the homie.

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