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By BridgetEE

The basis of this blog is to preview and review music in its subjective not objective manner.  To look at the artist for what they are ARTIST and their music for it is ART.  It used to be their art gallery was a neighbor hood record store and their social media platform was a radio station.  Now in the new millenium we have ITunes and Amazon as their gallery and Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with radio as their social media.  Web sites and Blogs are the artist promotions department to go and listen to their masterpieces.  Instead of hard copy beautiful albums and their covers we now have some CD’s, mostly MP3 downloads to collect and there is always a debate over the value of the piece.  The new millenium has brought forth mass production collections opposed to urban legend timeless trends.  The right now has almost tried to replace the history form.  Cult like followings are now just a fan base.  Our musical living legends are now in functional few, but in the world of Hip Hop there is one that is still standing and commanding The Wu-Tang Clan along with their followers Wu-Heads.   What makes Wu-Tang so great is them and their art form is like no other and it has mass appeal you see a Wu-Head is ageless, sexless as well as colorless.  Their style visually is basic but audibly it is masterful timeless making them legendary.  Not many Hip Hop fans or artists will disagree with me when I say one of the greats albums produced to the world was the “Enter The Wu-Tang (36Chambers)” album, a masterpiece in its self.  But I’m not telling you nothing new, and most know all of this already.  But what I’m about to say is new and it will go down in history as being a first and quite possibly an only and last.  If you want to go see any piece of great art not the stuff you see floating around here that you can touch or whip out the debit card and buy, I’m not even talking about that investment art that might be the price of a new car.  I’m talking about great art and artist like van Gogh, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci artist who’s art is displayed under security booby traps that you have never even imagined people paying to be in the same building and room with, but you better not think of taking a picture or touching and let me just say the original purchase would mean that you are beyond rich you are what they call wealthy.  Their greatness is displayed in places like the Smithsonian in DC or Le Louvre in Paris.  I’m talking about paintings and sculptures, so if music is a form of Art and Wu-Tang is the artist why shouldn’t they be displayed and be a growing investment for the wealthy as well.   With that being said Wu-Tang Clan has created a masterpiece that is encased in a handcrafted silver and nickel incrusted box, while being stored in a vault somewhere near the mountains in Morocco, and if you want to purchase this Wu-vestment titled “The Wu-Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” you will have to be of wealth and able to fork over more than Million Dollars (according to an article in Forbes).   Beauty knows no pain and great music knows no monetary value.  The plan is to take “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin”  to various galleries and museums in which you have to pay $30-$50 and go through tight security to make sure that there are no recording devices being smuggled in.  Once you get through that you will be given headphones to use to listen to the double album with 31 songs; 128minutes.  After all the rounds are made the CD will be sold for over a million dollars, OH did I mention that they are only making and selling one copy :)  no preview.  Now tell me that isn’t great art.  Kudos to the brothas of Wu-Tang for appreciating and producing what music really and truly is ART.  If I hit the lottery today it would be at the top of my wish list but for now I will be forking over the $50 just to look and listen.  But for now I have to settle for my 36 Chambers album and guess what for now so do you :) Sorry …My Fellow Wu-Heads Please Listen  Responsibly  Read More

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