Raphael Brown, member of 90′s R&B group Next (pictured left), was accused of kicking his pregnant wife and attacking their daughter.

His wife, Juliette Gil-Brown, filed for a restraining order, according to TMZ, where

she claims on multiple occasions he hit and shoved her, grabbed her by the neck, punched her in the mouth and kicked her in the stomach … and some of the violence occurred when she was pregnant.

In addition, Brown also got angry with their four-year-old daughter when she refused to kiss him on the mouth. Juliette said he yelled at their daughter and “shoved her into the car seat.”

There was also the matter of him watching porn while his children were in the same room.

Raphael has yet to release a statement on the matter.

[Spotted on Black America Web]



Article and Picture Courtesy of Black America Web, The Urban Daily and The D.L. Hughley Show

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