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You can tell us Olivia Pope is not a real person if you want to…but after what TMZ just reported….we are going to have to disagree because someone just fixed a whole lot of trouble for  “Scandal” star Columbus Short!

According to TMZ, the guy that Short allegedly beat down has refused to press charges against the actor despite serious injuries to his head and back. Why you ask? Well supposedly it’s because of family ties.

Check out what the alleged victim looked like after allegedly being thrashed by Short (aka Harrison) in the pic below.

Columbus Short Fight Victim

The victim’s lawyer reportedly told TMZ that he’s been in contact with Columbus’ management to come to some sort of settlement without involving police. We’re told the victim has made it clear to investigators he doesn’t want the case pursued criminally.

His lawyer claims that because both men are cool with the same people the victim wants to just squash the whole situation.

Our guess is that… this whole thing probably gets translated into something along the lines of…Columbus Short has got money to spend and the victim is willing to help him spend it! Seems simple enough to us.

The police can move forward with this case…but without cooperation from the victim…it probably won’t be worth their time.

The gladiators win again!



Article Courtesy of The Urban Daily

First Picture Courtesy of ABC and The Urban Daily

Second Picture Courtesy of TMZ and The Urban Daily

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