Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s husband Nick Gordon has made it extremely awkward at family functions with his violent behavior and threats he’s made via social media. Because of his actions, Pat Houston, Whitney Houston‘s sister-in-law and manager, got a restraining order against him. The judge presiding over the case just put the restraining order in place for a full year.

News of the Pat Houston obtaining a restraining order against Nick Gordon broke last month. Pat Houston referenced the threats he posted on social media. Pat also used Nick’s photos of guns as evidence of his intimidation of her. Nick Gordon also got into a fist fight with a cousin of Bobbi Kristina’s at a family function.

A judge extended the length of the restraining order to a full year after initially granting the order for a quarter of that. If Nick Gordon contacts and/or goes within 200 yards of Pat Houston and her immediate family, he will be placed behind bars.

All of the bad blood between Nick Gordon and the Houston family has been well documented. Gordon is angry at Pat Houston because she is the executor of Whitney Houston’s estate and he believes she screwed Bobbi Kristina when it came to her inheritance.

The love of money will ruin any and everything.



Article and Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

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