If every one of Dr. Ian Smith’s diets is revolutionary, he told the Tom Joyner Morning Show it’s because he never gives up. Smith is committed to helping people lose weight and take charge of their health. That’s why he started the ‘Shred’ diet and exercise plan and this year, updated it with The Super Shred diet and exercise plan. What’s different? This one is even more intense, so you can shred weight and fat more quickly.

“People for a long time have asked me how can I get to the belly fat first, Smith told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “We’ve always said you can’t spot reduce. But new research has show us that the best exercise is not going to the gym and running for walking for an hour and a half, it’s HIT, high-intensity interval training. What that means is combining low exertion exercise with high exertion. So for example, you go on a treadmill with let’s say an incline of 4 or 5, and you walk or jog as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then you rest for 15 seconds, the go back up to 30 seconds. You can get as many calories burned off in 27 minutes of doing interval training as you can in walking on a treadmill for over an hour. And, not only that, it’s efficient.”

Smith is an advocate of nutrition as well and his Shred programs include easy-to-follow nutrition programs that area a great guideline for eating healthy for weight loss without feeling hungry. But for some, including Tom Joyner, working out seems to increase appetite. Smith says that what you eat pre and post workout is important.

“But here’s the key. Half of the people want to eat more, and half the people don’t want to eat at all. Your window after workout is an hour. You want to get lean protein within an hour after working out. You’re hungry because you’ve used all that energy and now you have an energy deficit. “The key is you want to have fast carbs before you work out – yoga, fruit or a little pasta. After you work out, you want to have high protein, you want to flip it.”

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