Wait what? According to TMZ, there may be proof that this whole thing is just BS and we’ve all taken the bait. As we previously reported, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps have been going at it pretty bad after Mike told a radio show audience that he thought Kevin was the most overrated comedian in the game.

Then things really got heated when Kevin fired back with a tweet that Mike needed help selling tickets to his shows. Hart was insinuating that Epps had to use Hart’s name to give ticket sales a boost. Hart also said,

“Why don’t you do us all a favor and Kill your god damn self.”


We asked from the beginning why after all these years of being in the industry…Epps would have answered that question about who he thought was the most overrated guy in the game? He could have declined or answered it differently. But let that point marinate for a moment while you check out the video that was made by TMZ back in 2013. TMZ thinks this video may prove that this whole thing is a fake out and that we’re all falling it for it.



Sources close to Epps insist it’s 100% genuine this time around.

Here’s our question…isn’t it possible that this thing is in fact real but that when TMZ caught up with Kevin Hart a year ago he answered the question the way that Epps maybe could have answered it last week when he was asked about it on the radio? Hart has more to lose if he gets the media portion of events wrong. We could be mistaken, but Hart’s answer seemed awfully…rehearsed to us.

So maybe we shouldn’t jump to dismiss this one…just yet.





Article and Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

Video Courtesy of TMZ and The Urban Daily

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