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If you thought not having a single player drafted was enough humiliation for Longhorns fans, well, you were wrong. Vince Young – arguably the best quarterback in Longhorns history – was cut by the Cleveland Browns after just 11 days with the team. So, for those of you keeping score at home, this was even shorter than his time with the Green Bay Packers, which lasted 25 days. Worth noting: neither of these were as long as the William Henry Harrison presidency (he died in 30 days!).

When the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel with 22nd pick in the draft on Thursday, the QB depth chart became very crowded, with Brian Hoyer and Tyler Thigpen also on the roster. The Browns could have gone into training camp with four quarterbacks – it’s not an unheard of practice – but instead, they wanted to thin the herd early. It’s possible that Young was just there in case the Browns weren’t able to get Manziel. We’re likely to see a training camp battle between Hoyer and Manziel for the starting job, while Thigpen is probably locked into the third-string gig.



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