Deshaun Watson's six-game suspension was appealed by the NFL yesterday, leaving some fans confused on how to feel about the latest turn of events.

Cleveland Browns fans are waiting patiently for the league to make a decision on or if there will be a punishment for Quarterback Deshaun Watson after being accused by about 30 women of sexual assaulting and harassing them during massages. Recently Deshaun Watson settled with a majority of the women leaving the only obstacle being […]

Police say they encountered McDowell after receiving a call about a naked man walking near a Florida learning center.


Jones, now 41 years old, still denies being the man responsible for the 1999 killing of Paul Howell.


Let's be honest: After the previous two games, our beloved Browns NEEDED this win. Here's DJ HazMatt with his recap of NFL Week 7's Browns vs Broncos game.


The Browns are now 3-3 and their biggest fan, DJ HazMatt, is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his playoff dreams for the home team.


The Cleveland Browns fought hard, but eventually took a very tough loss to the Los Angeles Chargers last Sunday. Even though we didn’t walk away with the win, DJ HazMatt is back to remind us all that no matter WHAT.. we gone be ALRITE!! Big shotout to Kendrick Lamar, very fitting song selection seeing that […]


NFL free agent Mark Walton was arrested after police witnessed him standing over a bloodied man, reportedly his cousin, in a Miami parking lot. Prior to the arrest, Walton had a heated conversation with staff at a nearby Pizza Hut, which is why authorities were originally called to the scene. The bizarre chain of events […]

Women may not be able to strap up and play the field, yet, but they can officiate! Congratulations are in order as the NFL has announced the hiring of the first black female on-field official Maia Chaka.Maia Chaka is a teacher from Virginia Beach who comes with football officiating experience from college football and the XFL. […]

What an amazing year it is so far in 2021, Agent Orange has been evicted, now a sista is making NFL history on many first’s, by becoming the first woman of color to become an assistant coach. Wow, it just seemed like yesterday that professional athletes were pitching a fit about female reporters being in […]

  The NFL’s Roger Goodell shocked the world when he publicly admitted the NFL was wrong for not allowing their players to in silent protest take a knee against police brutality, after the world witnessed the killing of George Floyd in real time. Now Roger Goodell is encouraging the NFL teams to sign Colin Kaepernick, […]

San Francisco quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, took a knee in silent protest of police brutality, that still exists, as the death of a man resulting from a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on his neck while he begged for air in front of a crowd that begged for him to stand.  Colin Kaepernick’s knee caused him to […]