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Browns vs Broncos Week 7 recap

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Let’s be honest: After the previous two games, our beloved dogs NEEDED this win. Here’s DJ HazMatt with his recap of NFL Week 7’s game of the Cleveland Browns against the Denver Broncos.

This week, Haz grabs a classic beat by the Cash Money Records crew for his Hip-Hop recap of the game’s events. Listen, Weezy starts with a “W,” and you know what else starts with a “W”? WINNER. And that’s exactly what the Browns were after taking down the Broncos Thursday night.

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Congrats again to our home team: It was an exciting game and a much-needed win that served as a redemption of sorts from the previous two matchups.

With that said, our upcoming game is gonna be spooky. We face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Halloween – be sure to tap in with Matt and Matt Sports via our Facebook or YouTube channel. There, HazMatt and hist co-host Matty Willz offer a breakdown at halftime and after the game.

See you there.

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