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Colin Kaepernick

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The NFL’s Roger Goodell shocked the world when he publicly admitted the NFL was wrong for not allowing their players to in silent protest take a knee against police brutality, after the world witnessed the killing of George Floyd in real time. Now Roger Goodell is encouraging the NFL teams to sign Colin Kaepernick, that is if of course, Kaepernick would like to resume his career after 4 years.

Roger Goodell also went on to say that is Kaepernick didn’t want to play in the NFL they would welcome him back in some other capacity.

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith’s reaction say’s he doesn’t think Goodell is the problem however the owners are and they are the ones that need to show action as it pertains to making real profound change.

Is Roger Goodell having a coming to Jesus moment as it pertains to racism or is he just trying keep the NFL’s feet out of the fire?

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